Autoconz - The Future of Construction

Our goals it to provide the society with effective and efficient construction solution by implementing 3D printing for construction and digitalization. 


Become the leader of 3D printing for construction in Indonesia in 2025 


Developing 3D printing machinery for construction and revitalizing construction through digitalization

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Gaining attention at years 1980’s, but more less on custruction.

3D Printing for construction begin from contour crafting in 2000’s.

Part of Industry 4.0 (addictive manufacturing, robotic).

Reducing Construction Time

In Indonesia, Type-36 house can be built in 3 months.
With 3DCP it can be reduced 1,5-2 months.

Less Construction Material

The average cost of wall material for Type-36 house in Indonesia is IDR 45.000.000,-.

With 3DCP, it can be reduced to 10%-15%.

Minimum Labor Cost

Needs of labor for Type-36 house in Indonesia is 7 people.

With 3DCP, it needs 4-5 people.

Flexibility in House Design

With conventional method, the design is common.

With 3DCP, it can provide flexibility in design.


Construction Service

With our 3DCP machinery and expertise, we are able to build house off-site
and on-site in effective and efficient manners.

Machinery Rent

We offer our 3DCP machine and other equipment and tools to be rented to our client. We also provide technical assistance in operating the machine.

End to End Services

We also offer our end-to-end services from architectural design, construction, and interior furniture with designed exclusively for our client.



Constructing concrete artworks.


Constructing small building.


Constructing wall for Type-36 housing.


Constructing wall for Type-45 housing.


The first 3D Construction Printing House in Indonesia

The 1st 3D Construction Printing House in Indonesia

Security House UNU Yogyakarta

Bus Stop UNU Yogyakarta

Giant Lettering UNU Yogyakarta

1 Set Bench Coffee Shop

Rest Area Banjaratma Bench

Podium Kejaksaan Agung Jakarta

Wudhu Place Masjid Al-Hijrah Plaza PP

Wudhu Chair Masjid Al-Hijrah Plaza PP


The First 3D Construction Printing House in Indonesia

Our First Project with PT PP

Our Machinery Progress for Build a House

Rumah 3DCP Pertama di Indonesia?!

Build House Using 3D Printer For Construction

Our Project at UNU Yogyakarta


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